Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crime Reporter Interview Questions

If anyone can answer the following questions for me, I would appreciate it.  This is for a college course that I am taking in Criminal Justice.  Thank you for your cooperation.

1.    How did you get into the business of crime reporting (or whatever specific role they play)?
2.    In your experience, what makes a "good" crime story or courtroom story?
3.    Who decides what goes "on the air" or in print after you get the story?
4.    What discrepancies have you found between what is reported – finally - and what actually occurred?
5.    What types of considerations come into play as you determine what is important to report and what should be left out of the story?
6.    How do you check or confirm information you receive while investigating a story?
7.    What do you do if you can’t get the story from both sides? The victim and offender?
8.    What happens if there is an error in a story?
9.    What do you like best about being a crime reporter?
10.  What do you like least?
11.  What kind of relationship do you have with law enforcement? The courts?
12.  How much access does law enforcement give you when you arrive at a crime scene?
13.  What are the main issues you face as a crime reporter?
14.  In terms of whether a story is newsworthy: How important is the gender of the victim or defendant to you and your news organization? Physical appearance? Age? Ethnic identity? Economic status? Celebrity status?
15.  How do you find out about what is currently happening at any given moment?  Radio, phone, fax. 
16.  Who decides what story goes on the front page? and why? How many front pages stories have you done?
17.  Are there any stories that you have done in the past or present that you did not report on? And why? What happens to them?
18.  When it comes to investigating stories, do you have anyone else that helps you?  Interviewing witnesses, victims, families and offender? Or do you do all your own investigating?
19.   How long have you been crime reporter for the St. Cloud Times?  Where did you work before?